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HTS Nederland, de onderneming

HTS Nederland, active in the Netherlands since 1994

The head office HTS HÜTTGES Transport-Services GmbH & Co KG, located in Kranenburg on the Lower Rhine, started its activities on January 1, 1993. Previously, Heinz Hüttges, founder of HTS, had been active in this industry for more than 35 years, with almost 30 years as a self-employed with a company responsible for customs & forwarding activities “Hüttges & Metzner”, which has been active in almost all German-Dutch borders.

In January 2007, Heinz Hüttges decided to take things a bit easier and transferred all activities to his son Michael Hüttges, the next generation. From January 2007, Michael Hüttges took over management as the sole shareholder. After the sudden death of Michael Hüttges on September 2007, the company was transferred to his wife Birgitt Hüttges.


What once started as a small part of the freight packages, especially in German-Dutch transport, quickly developed into a growing company, also in the field of logistics & warehousing.

Already in 1994, subsidiary Hüttges Transport-Service Nederland B.V. founded in Rotterdam, where there are experienced employees in one of the largest European ports with extensive activities related to import and export.

Good contacts with shipping companies, ports and transport ensure a smooth flow of goods.

With the construction of forwarding offices, warehouses with loading docks, outdoor storage and parking spaces for trucks, this was the basis for the company's future developments. With a new warehouse completed in early 2007, we completed the needs of our customers. With the right help, long experience and high motivation from our employees, we achieved our mission. These are one of the most important pillars of our company's success. The flexibility, reliability and commitment of all employees are the guarantee for good customer service.