• AEO Certification

Hüttges Transport-Service obtains AEO certificate

Hüttges Transport-Service Nederland has obtained the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status for 'customs simplifications'. As a rapidly growing organization with branches in Rotterdam and Germany, HTS attaches great importance to the safety of their employees, visitors and the products entrusted by clients.

'By obtaining the AEO, there are fewer physical and administrative checks and priority for scanning checks of containers, which means that the procedures are completed faster. This offers many advantages for customers. The first step was to test ourselves. The processes as they operate within Hüttges Transport-Service were critically examined. Since the customs department within Hüttges Transport-Service is an important part of our services, a lot of attention has also been paid to this.'


For example, in 2011 it was decided to move from the Maasvlakte location to Keilestraat 9c, where we have access to logistics services such as the storage and cooling location in Rotterdam. We have also chosen to switch to our new customs declaration system from the company Softpak. This in combination with experienced staff who continuously strive for improvement and simplification. This made it possible to finally submit the AEO application.'

Guidance by N&S Quality

To get a clear picture of our processes, safety, cooperation between the departments and to determine whether we could meet the requirements, we were guided by an external company N&S Quality. Before the application was submitted, N&S Quality carried out various internal audits. Based on these results, we have been alerted to possible areas for improvement. We crossed all the i's and crossed all the i's and ultimately achieved AEO status without any problems.'

We increasingly notice that customers require an AEO certificate. As a neutral specialized Customs forwarder, we are proud that we have obtained the AEO certificate. For us, the AEO status not only means a quality stamp in the field of customs, but this recognized status also makes us a safe partner throughout the European Union. The AEO certificate is a confirmation for companies that they meet the conditions set. We as management are very proud to be able to achieve this important AEO status.

AEO registration number: NL AEOC 0001456 since 01.04.2012